endless summer

The idea, from the start, was to share with my kids the great American road trip. As U.S. citizens growing up in Hong Kong - Kaya, Jacinda, and Huck had never seen the West Coast or much of the East Coast and very little in between. I met the kids in Los Angeles. We rented a red, white, and blue-colored camper van, and spent the next 29 days on the road. In all, we traversed 19 states and 4 national parks. We camped on a beach, swam in a lake, and sang songs and lit fireworks in backyards across the country.  We witnessed elephant seals and bison and elk in their natural habitats. Perhaps most importantly, my kids got to know me better, and see what I do for a living. They met a dozen or so of my closest friends along the way. It was everything I hoped it to be, and for them, hopefully, a summer filed with memories and laughter.